Many different stadium concepts were proposed in the 1960's for Seattle. One interesting concept was a dome on a platform in the Puget Sound. Two other concepts involved new stadiums in the Seattle Center area near the Space Needle.

1963 Concept on the Puget Sound

1966 Dome Concept at Seattle Center

1968 Dome Concept at Seattle Center

1969 Seattle Center Concept

1967 Dome Concepts

1969 "Weyerhaeuser Co." Dome Concept

1967 Dome Concept, Northwest of Downtown Seattle

1969 "Harris & Reed" Dome Concept (Note: Roof would have been wooden)

1960's Seattle Dome Concept

1963 Open Air Stadium at Seattle Center

1968 Proposed Location South of Seattle for a Dome

1963 Concept: 80,000 Seat Multipurpose Dome in Kent, WA

1968 Concept at Fifth Avenue and Yesler

1970 Fixed Dome Stadium

1970 Seattle Center Dome Concept

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